Definition of gilding in US English:



  • 1The process of applying gold leaf or gold paint.

    • ‘Gold leaf used in gilding is made in much the same way.’
    • ‘One way of gilding gingerbread was to paint it with egg white when hot and dab on the gold.’
    • ‘The project, from the cutting of a thick strip of solid silver bullion to the final gilding, took almost five months to complete.’
    • ‘It was like a step-by-step gilding demonstration straight from a Renaissance painting.’
    • ‘As he found much was still in the developmental stage here, it gave him the welcome opportunity to try out some of his copied recipes for gilding and color-making.’
    • ‘The dome restoration was made possible by two private gifts that funded all of the gold leaf used in the gilding as well as other parts of the restoration.’
    • ‘His skill in applying color and gilding is remarkable, considering that the twenty-year-old had not completed a normal term of apprenticeship.’
    • ‘With this in mind she was determined to completely remove all dirt and corrosion from the domes before the gilding began and pioneered a method to do so.’
    • ‘The skills he acquired from Arthur would later become apparent, particularly in his gilding on glass.’
    • ‘More than 40 new curators have been taken on, with experts in everything from Chinese painting to metalwork, taxidermy, armoury and gilding.’
    1. 1.1 The material used in, or the surface produced by applying gold leaf or gold paint.
      • ‘The Rococo style, characterized by lavish ornamentation, organic forms and the use of gilding, grew to its height in 18th century France.’
      • ‘At the same time, a modern oil-gilt finish was removed, revealing that nothing survived of the chair's original gilding.’
      • ‘Like Whistler, he was much concerned with the shade of gold leaf and the play of matte and bright gilding.’
      • ‘The chair, with its handsome gilding, is covered in a crimson silk damask that is similar to the original.’
      • ‘He drew Ms Thomson's attention to the quality of the gilding on the lions and serpents which he described as marvellous.’
      • ‘You can't scrape off the gilding and pretend that what's left is unchanged in value.’
      • ‘The gold background is original, and although worm damage has resulted in repairs around the left and right edges and in the upper right-hand corner, the gilding is generally well preserved.’
      • ‘Instead of gilding and elaborate flourishes, such beds have more modest detailing and are painted in subtle pale greys and beiges.’
      • ‘Over this a surface of gesso, made up of clay, chalk, and size, would be applied in successive layers, and smoothed before paint and gilding was applied.’
      • ‘All the previous repairs to the gilding were removed, and following consolidation of the worm-eaten panel, the losses were filled with gesso and regilded using traditional materials.’
      • ‘Digital photographs of the chair were carefully enhanced to clean and brighten the red show cover, enliven the gilding, and replace lost areas of trim.’
      • ‘Later dessert flatware, whether matching the dinner service or not, often had extra embellishment in the form of gilding and/or engraving.’
      • ‘But the original paint and gilding are deteriorating and a replacement roof over the chapel has sagged and is resting on the mediaeval ceiling.’
      • ‘Once upon a time it had been gilded, but now the gilding seemed to be tarnishing and flaking - evidently no one came in here to touch up these days.’
      • ‘Although mass produced, these clocks were finely if not heavily gilded, and some wear should be expected if the gilding is claimed as original.’
      • ‘During World War I and II, new alternatives for the manufacture of frames were created, since trained craftsmen were called to duty and the shortage of gold meant gilding was harder to come by.’
      • ‘The back of the slab had been worn very hollow, but the gilding and colour on the front were found to be in an excellent state of preservation.’
      • ‘The public rooms are short on marble and gilding, and long on rustic wood panelling.’
      • ‘In accordance with Victorian taste, the gilding was deliberately removed in 1842.’
      • ‘He set his goblet on the table between them, fingers lingering to absently trace the gilding.’
      ostentation, ornamentation, decoration, embellishment, fanciness, fuss, chichi, garnishing, garnishment, excess
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