Definition of gigolo in US English:



  • A young man paid or financially supported by an older woman to be her escort or lover.

    • ‘She spent thousands a day on drugs, champagne, fancy clothes and hiring gigolos for sex - sometimes two at a time.’
    • ‘I was under the impression that a male gigolo was the only kind you could get, the female equivalent going by many and varied (and generally far more colourful) names.’
    • ‘The character decides to become a gigolo after discovering that it excites him when an older woman offers him money to have sex with her.’
    • ‘While in Singapore he became a gigolo - kept by an older woman with a voracious sexual appetite who showered him with gifts and set up house with him.’
    • ‘She understands the blunder a second later, horrified by the image of herself looking either like a hooker, or worse, a sex-deprived housewife looking for a gigolo.’
    playboy, beau, admirer
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1920s (in the sense ‘dancing partner’): from French, formed as the masculine of gigole ‘dance hall woman’, from colloquial gigue ‘leg’.