Definition of giggle in US English:



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  • Laugh lightly in a nervous, affected, or silly manner.

    ‘they giggled at some private joke’
    • ‘To her surprise, Elizabeth only giggled like a little girl with her friend.’
    • ‘The girls giggled and made their way to the bathroom where the washed up and then toddled down the stairs to dinner.’
    • ‘They laughed and giggled as they played tag in the air, revelling in their newfound ability to soar above the trees.’
    • ‘As the verdicts were read by the jury foreman some of the defendants smiled, smirked and even giggled.’
    • ‘Every time she giggled, everyone else at the table either giggled or chuckled.’
    • ‘I walked over to the two young girls who were giggling about how some cute guys had talked to them.’
    • ‘We got back to find a huge crowd of people clustered around his desk whispering and giggling.’
    • ‘A group of three small children sat next to me agape and giggled in awe.’
    • ‘She jumped into the car and giggled like a school girl as she handed him two of his twenties back, along with a five and some change.’
    • ‘His legs flayed about still as he burst out laughing, giggling like a small child.’
    • ‘Right at the end I giggled loud enough for the woman next to me to hear.’
    • ‘Girls giggled at how cute she was and boys just laughed and said she was going to be a pest.’
    • ‘There was a bunch of girls who were giggling and standing by the door of the rest room when I was there.’
    • ‘Two young women had been observing me, whispering and giggling, and pointing at me.’
    • ‘Why do some girls insist on speaking in high pitched voices and giggling at work all day long?’
    • ‘The guide looked at us with our jaws hanging down and giggled to himself.’
    • ‘I sit and watch the others drift carelessly in, laughing and giggling about sordid things.’
    • ‘She giggled and started to whisper something into my ear, but then the voice started again.’
    • ‘The girls were giggling nervously and the boys were introducing themselves.’
    • ‘We giggled and laughed, splashing each other and running in a circle around the island.’
    titter, snigger, snicker, tee-hee, give a half-suppressed laugh, chuckle, chortle
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  • 1A light, silly laugh.

    • ‘I could hear kids at the top of the hill just up the road from where I was, their laughs and giggles making me want to join them.’
    • ‘Alison found this just hilarious and her bubbly giggles had graduated to full blown belly laughs.’
    • ‘There were sniggers and giggles all around the room and then everyone started talking.’
    • ‘It had been a long time since she last let out a giggle let alone a laugh.’
    • ‘A titter of giggles issued from everyone as Amy reddened.’
    • ‘I miss the innocent giggle and the unfettered laughter that used to be more forthcoming.’
    • ‘It had taken all day to find it, and had cost him many giggles and laughs behind his back, but it was worth it.’
    • ‘She didn't know what was stopping her from shedding that one tear or giving a small giggle or laugh.’
    • ‘But the chortles, chuckles and giggles are part of a much more serious project.’
    • ‘There is an occasional titter and an embarrassed giggle but it is all taken in good humour.’
    • ‘The giggles and laughs were silenced when another round of fanfares began.’
    • ‘Tristan looks at me with a smile and the laugh becomes a giggle, and soon we are just cracking up in the front seat.’
    • ‘There wasn't a laugh, a giggle, or even a small mumble, just gawking with her mouth wide open.’
    • ‘Maybe the sequel would bring a giggle and a laugh.’
    • ‘There were giggles and guffaws when he was around.’
    • ‘It started with a smirk, then a giggle, then a full out laugh.’
    • ‘After a few minutes her laughter abated to sporadic giggles.’
    • ‘The sneers and muffled giggles that accompanied his every mispronounced word attested to the fact.’
    • ‘At this seemingly baseless threat, Henry laughed an insane giggle which rang all throughout the courtyard.’
    • ‘His sister kept on laughing, though, her giggles breaking into shrill chortling.’
    titter, snigger, snicker, tee-hee, half-suppressed laugh, chuckle, chortle
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    1. 1.1the giggles Continuous uncontrollable giggling.
      ‘I got a fit of the giggles’
      • ‘The girls burst into another fit of the giggles.’
      • ‘A pack of girls from the next table went silent and one girl with a bad case of the giggles stepped forward.’
      • ‘The first symptoms appeared on January 30, when three girls got the giggles and couldn't stop laughing.’
      • ‘And first the girls got the giggles, and then I did, and then even the King.’


Early 16th century: imitative.