Definition of gigapixel in US English:



  • A unit of graphic resolution equivalent to one billion or 10⁹ pixels.

    as modifier ‘apart from their obvious appeal to photographers, gigapixel images also hold tremendous potential for law enforcement and the military’
    • ‘If we can just move past the idea of megahertz and gigapixels and look instead at creating wonder, awe, and even heartbreak, then electronic gaming will truly become an artistic medium.’
    • ‘The newly patented R1 camera system, which broke through the gigapixel barrier, has achieved some of the highest resolution single-shot images ever created.’
    • ‘A digital photo taken from Delft University claims to be the largest in the world at an impressive 2.5 gigapixels.’
    • ‘The 2.5 gigapixel image is - of course - a montage of images rather than a single snap and seamlessly fusing the separate images was the main technical challenge.’
    • ‘This more than doubles the total potential pixel fill rate from 533 million pixels per second to about 1.3 gigapixels per second.’