Definition of gibe in English:


(also jibe)


  • An insulting or mocking remark; a taunt.

    ‘a gibe at his old rivals’
    and → jibe
    • ‘His replies were peppered with small gibes.’
    • ‘On the way some had salutations for her and some had gibes.’
    • ‘The gibe could not be further off the mark, for he is in fact a very proud Jew.’
    • ‘We are prepared to overlook the hurt, the nasty gibes that have been flung at us, and the personal attacks we have suffered.’
    • ‘She often asks them when they are getting married and if she can come, along with other relevant gibes.’
    • ‘‘The constant gibes in the British press about my love of beauty has long left a false impression of my work,’ he maintains.’
    • ‘Having dealt with similar antagonism, I must admit that I cackled gleefully at some of these gibes.’
    • ‘The more outrageous gibes are a source of French amusement.’
    • ‘Three hours later, he emerged from the office waving a batch of handwritten pages and delivering a gibe: ‘You want to read it?’’
    • ‘Both editors offered high-minded defences for their cheap gibes.’
    • ‘That was until the gibes become too much for me.’
    • ‘Briggs smiled at that, but Deidre ignored the gibe.’
    • ‘Maybe you chide the folks for owning them when you return for a visit, making knee-jerk gibes at the handlebar mustaches, leisure suits and ironed hair that their sleeves depict.’
    • ‘Scholars contend that men from various African tribes regularly traded gibes about each other's mother.’
    • ‘In fact, Simon was no more negative than most critics, but his lively writing style meant that his gibes were more memorable than those of the others.’
    • ‘Judith couldn't resist the gibe and regretted it as soon as Emma rounded on her.’
    • ‘I am less impressed by the claque of backbenchers whose running gibes whenever a minister is on his feet add little to the discussions.’
    • ‘The Shakespearian gibes are by far the most creative.’
    • ‘However, at another level, the nettles may be emblematic of the comments and gibes of women and men.’
    • ‘He went in, eventually, took his seat in the back of Mr. Ford's classroom, ignoring with practiced ease both the gibes of the teacher and the stares of the good kids who had gotten there before the bell rang.’
    snide remark, cutting remark, taunt, sneer, jeer, insult, barb
    dig, wisecrack, crack, put-down
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  • Make insulting or mocking remarks; jeer.

    ‘some cynics in the media might gibe’
    • ‘‘It was only through the media that I came to know there are such short-cuts to winning national awards,’ he gibes.’
    • ‘She crossed her arms across her chest with a defiant look as if expecting him to gibe her.’
    • ‘Such objections may be seen as the sort of caviling and gibing that often greets attempts to speak across the divide between science and literature.’
    • ‘For a man who never quite seemed humble, though he often gibed about humility, it was a moving - and humbling - final effect.’
    • ‘We boasted the ‘world's longest byline’ at the time and would gibe that we had to print ‘byline continued on next page’ when we ran their pieces.’
    jeer, taunt, mock, scoff, sneer
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Mid 16th century (as a verb): perhaps from Old French giber handle roughly (in modern dialect kick); compare with jib.