Definition of gibberellin in US English:



  • Any of a group of plant hormones that stimulate stem elongation, germination, and flowering.

    • ‘Possible analogies with other cold-requiring processes such as vernalization and stratification, and the interaction of auxin and gibberellin in the stalk elongation process in other plant species are discussed.’
    • ‘Hormones such as auxins and gibberellins trigger fruit cells to expand.’
    • ‘Another family of plant hormones, the gibberellins, regulate stem elongation and have some similar effects to auxin.’
    • ‘The section on flowering includes informative reviews that consider the role of hormones, particularly gibberellins, during flowering.’
    • ‘Previous research showed that a growth regulating plant hormone called gibberellin could increase yam dormancy time for food storage purposes.’


1930s: from modern Latin Gibberella (from Gibberella fujikuroi, the fungus from which one of the gibberellins was first extracted), diminutive of the genus name Gibbera, from Latin gibber ‘hump’, + -in.