Definition of gibber in English:



  • Speak rapidly and unintelligibly, typically through fear or shock.

    ‘they shrieked and gibbered as flames surrounded them’
    ‘a gibbering idiot’
    • ‘Before I get to the part where I start gibbering and spluttering, I should begin by doing what I can manage coherently.’
    • ‘He scuttled off, gibbering with delight, to make it habitable.’
    • ‘Before Andrew could answer, the red light flicked off and a doctor came out, gibbering away in Japanese.’
    • ‘He was led, gibbering, by his mum into the stark light of a side exit.’
    • ‘He gibbered madly and his muscles spasmed, and he sunk to his knees in the muddy trench, his heart pumping his blood out into the soil.’
    • ‘‘Yes, yes,’ the man gibbered, suddenly regaining his voice.’
    • ‘They disappeared into the crowded room, gibbering good-naturedly.’
    • ‘But now I'm jumping up and down in my seat, gibbering like a chimp.’
    • ‘Somehow, it left me almost gibbering with fear.’
    • ‘The scientists gibbered amongst themselves, all unusually excited.’
    • ‘They restrained the man as he writhed and gibbered.’
    • ‘He sways before the roaring inferno, blind and gibbering.’
    • ‘The doctor, who can understand Hungarian, realised that the inmate was rambling and gibbering not in Russian but in Hungarian, which is not a Slavonic language.’
    • ‘After a minute of two of stalking around the room, shaking and gibbering, I started looking around to see what had become of the chemical.’
    • ‘He spent the next day literally gibbering in his cell, while those in neighbouring cells threatened to kill him, because he had now kept them awake for three nights.’
    • ‘By this stage I wasn't babbling, more like gibbering.’
    • ‘And all the time the two old girls are gibbering softly in language, laughing.’
    • ‘The day will come, soon enough, when I'm gibbering, and incoherent, but right now I'm in control and I don't want anyone else to know.’
    • ‘They're always gibbering and fighting - it can get to be too much for me to handle.’
    • ‘A man in the middle of a particularly nasty nervous breakdown is gibbering.’
    prattle, rattle on, chatter, babble, ramble, drivel, jabber, patter, gabble, bumble, burble, twitter, flannel, go on, run on, mutter, mumble, maunder, prate, bleat, cackle
    gab, yak, yap, yackety-yak, yabber, yatter, natter, yammer, blabber, jibber-jabber, blather, blether, blither, jaw, gas, shoot one's mouth off
    witter, rabbit, chunter, waffle
    run off at the mouth
    clack, twaddle, twattle
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Early 17th century: imitative.