Definition of giant reed in US English:

giant reed


  • A fast-growing perennial grass native to India that is a principal source for reeds used in musical instruments. In the US it threatens some native plant habitats because of its spreading and dispersal habits.

    Arundo donax, family Poaceae

    • ‘For larger grasses such as miscanthus, North American native switch grass, and giant reed, choose pots that are one to two times as deep as they are wide.’
    • ‘As if giant reed weren't enough of a problem, this rugged invader often grows interspersed with another waterside menace, saltcedar, or Tamarix parviflora.’
    • ‘Earlier this year the journal Science reported the return of giant reeds, water birds and otters, prompting optimism that recovery was under way.’
    • ‘In addition to removing the giant reed from the land, Aquatic Environments also used miniexcavators at the stream edge to remove the root mass and return it to its normal course.’
    • ‘These pests - giant reed, saltcedar, and pink hibiscus mealybug - are believed to have originated on the Indian subcontinent, so the scientists expected to find natural enemies there.’