Definition of giant groundsel in US English:

giant groundsel


  • A large treelike plant of the daisy family, having a thick stem and a few short branches tipped with broad leaves, growing chiefly on high mountains in central and eastern Africa.

    Genus Senecio (or Dendrosenecio), family Compositae

    • ‘At the moorland region, you find the giant groundsels and lobelias common in the high altitude mountain regions of eastern Africa.’
    • ‘The giant groundsels, 25 feet tall, with their enormous, artichoke-like balls atop their furred branches, resemble Joshua trees.’
    • ‘Above the tree-line in the mountains of Africa, strange-looking giant groundsels and giant heathers grow.’
    • ‘Lush ferns and ground cover changed the landscape from grey to green, and giant groundsels stood everywhere.’
    • ‘You pass a huge boulder and start to climb past a forest of giant groundsel to the foot of the wall.’