Definition of gianduja in US English:


(also gianduia)


  • Chocolate paste flavored with ground hazelnuts.

    as modifier ‘creamy gianduja gelatos’
    ‘the beignets were slightly crisp on the outside, with gianduja and powdered sugar’
    • ‘Once the gianduja paste is made, it's formed into mounds that are molded into a flat peak, then wrapped in gold foil.’
    • ‘I simply can't do without their butterscotch gianduja.’
    • ‘Gianduja is the star chocolate attraction here, a blend of milk chocolate and hazelnuts ground until smooth then formed into a paste.’
    • ‘During wartime, cocoa beans were scarce, so someone had the great idea to blend the hazelnuts with chocolate, and gianduja was born.’
    • ‘My favorites are the fennel-and-lemon and the gianduia.’


Italian, from the name of a stock character in commedia dell'arte depicted as a jovial, wine-drinking peasant from the region of Piedmont, where the chocolate paste was first produced.