Definition of ghrelin in English:



  • A peptide hormone, produced predominantly in the stomach, that stimulates the secretion of growth hormone from the pituitary gland and increases appetite.

    ‘their blood was tested for ghrelin, the hormone that triggers the feeling of hunger’
    as modifier ‘ghrelin levels rise when you diet’
    • ‘It increases the amount of ghrelin, a stomach hormone that drives appetite, and also decreases the amount of leptin, which makes your body believe it is starving.’
    • ‘One hormone, ghrelin, which triggers appetite in humans, was found at higher levels in people who regularly underslept.’
    • ‘Among the topics for discussion are the roles of ghrelin and leptin in obesity.’
    • ‘The appetite hormone ghrelin is produced mainly in the stomach and is thought to regulate body weight.’
    • ‘They had unusual levels of leptin and ghrelin, both hormones involved in appetite.’


1990s: from gh, representing the initial letters of growth hormone, + rel, from releasing, + -in.