Definition of ghostliness in US English:



  • See ghostly

    • ‘A towering perennial, which takes on a stately ghostliness by late autumn, it needs a sheltered spot away from strong winds, which might buffet the stems to breaking point.’
    • ‘I took one last glance at the house, torn between its nostalgia and ghostliness, and jogged over to the car kicking up wet sand behind me as I did.’
    • ‘Their efforts to make meaningful their cultural memories of their ancestral land often result in crises that awaken them to the ghostliness of their identities as Asian Americans.’
    • ‘They are often populated by solitary horses which simultaneously transmit ghostliness and, conversely, surprising weighty presence.’
    • ‘So far I have been assuming an understanding of ghosts and ghostliness, blithely employing these terms as if they were commonly understood, let alone accepted.’