Definition of ghost crab in US English:

ghost crab


  • A pale yellowish crab that lives in a burrow in the sand above the high-water mark and goes down to the sea at night to feed.

    Genus Ocypode, family Ocypodidae

    • ‘At the highest speeds, ghost crabs, cockroaches and ants exhibit aerial phases.’
    • ‘As we walked along the shoreline, ghost crabs danced among the trove of shells deposited by the ebbing tide.’
    • ‘Examples include territorial defense and foraging behavior of many lizards, birds, rodents, and migratory locomotion in ghost crabs.’
    • ‘Laboratory studies examining the distance that ghost crabs can run before fatigue provide a wellstudied example with application to natural behavior.’
    • ‘They have collaborated on research, most recently studying territoriality in dragonflies and aggression and foraging strategies in ghost crabs.’