Definition of ghost bike in US English:

ghost bike


  • A bicycle painted white and left as a memorial at a site where a cyclist was fatally injured by a collision with a motor vehicle.

    ‘a ghost bike is a reminder of the vulnerability of cyclists’
    • ‘There's not much left of his ghost bike by the A12 junction, but his helmet, gloves and neckerchief have somehow survived the ravages of three months in the open.’
    • ‘It lived on as an urban sculpture: a roadside shrine and an extravagant ghost bike rolled into one.’
    • ‘One coasts past the 'ghost bike' memorials, fallen soldiers in the silent war between the car drivers and the meek and environmentally conscious.’
    • ‘Cann found a snow-white "ghost bike," festooned with a maroon Christmas garland and placed at the site of a bicycle accident.’
    • ‘Her white ghost bike has been reinstated on the railings in memoriam.’
    • ‘From the statues of the long-dead to the white "ghost bikes" of the recently taken cyclist, there is a human need to record and remember.’
    • ‘Some ghost bikes, which first appeared in 2003 in St. Louis, have been vandalized or had handlebars and other parts stolen.’
    • ‘A "ghost bike" marked the intersection for months following his death.’
    • ‘On Brian's side of the roundabout, outside McDonalds, a ghost bike has appeared.’
    • ‘Fellow graphic design students have honoured Charlie by chaining the ghost bike to the willow tree outside the college.’