Definition of get to sleep in US English:

get to sleep


  • Manage to fall asleep.

    • ‘I tactfully informed her I had at long last managed to get to sleep and her call had woken me.’
    • ‘According to one study, 97 per cent of pregnant women have difficulties getting to sleep or staying asleep.’
    • ‘At home I finally managed to get to sleep for a while but I was awake again at eight.’
    • ‘She didn't remember how long it took her to get to sleep or even falling asleep.’
    • ‘She tucked the letter back in the journal, and crawled into bed, and managed to get to sleep.’
    • ‘Just as I start thinking about trying to get to sleep, I drop off.’
    • ‘‘I usually don't have troubles getting to sleep and fall asleep quite quickly but it's not unusual that I wake up in the middle of the night,’ said Mrs Snelgrove.’
    • ‘For those people, the reason for less sleep is not that they have trouble sleeping rather they have trouble getting to sleep.’
    • ‘After some passionate kissing they cuddled up and managed to get to sleep.’
    • ‘Most of the group managed to get to sleep, except for a girl that just stared at the moon.’