Definition of get something over with in US English:

get something over with


  • Do or undergo something unpleasant or difficult, so as to be rid of it.

    • ‘I am just looking forward to getting it over with.’
    • ‘They made everyone stand up at staff meetings in order to get them over with quickly.’
    • ‘We shopped at a leisurely pace in the supermarket, browsing and thinking rather than madly grabbing the same products as last week in order to get it over with.’
    • ‘I suppose it was a good idea to get it over with quickly.’
    • ‘I think he got it over with quickly because he hated auditions, just like me.’
    • ‘I just confessed and pled guilty and got it over with.’
    • ‘While this often seems like a good way of speeding up a painful process and getting it over with, it is certainly no aid to communication or good public speaking.’
    • ‘He wanted to get the whole thing over with.’
    • ‘Damage was minimal and despite my irritation and extreme annoyance, my only goal was to get the formalities over with, get back into my car and go home.’
    • ‘It was a case of just getting it over with and looking forward to next season.’