Definition of get someone nowhere in English:

get someone nowhere


  • Be of no use or benefit to someone.

    ‘being angry would get her nowhere’
    • ‘The message was clear: violence gets you nowhere and the state will not compromise with those who threaten its citizens.’
    • ‘The fence alone has already cost the council upwards of £20,000 and has got us nowhere.’
    • ‘Since research was getting them nowhere, they decided to follow the last clue they had: the piece of paper with the address.’
    • ‘When this got him nowhere, he took the matter to court.’
    • ‘We've already had an inquest and court cases, and investigations and it's got us nowhere.’
    • ‘My attempts to sort this out took 18 months and got me nowhere.’
    • ‘Ten years of trying to make it in the music industry had got him nowhere.’
    • ‘Realising that deprivation was getting him nowhere, the Buddha broke his fast and ate (at which point the small following of disciples who had gathered round him left in disgust at what they perceived as weakness).’
    • ‘In the end, the IRA gave up bombing because it got them nowhere.’
    • ‘In my experience, a negative attitude gets you nowhere.’