Definition of get rid of in US English:

get rid of


  • Take action so as to be free of (a troublesome or unwanted person or thing).

    • ‘While we did get rid of a bad dictator, the results are hardly encouraging.’
    • ‘Perhaps you should dig it up, getting rid of all the roots, and try something else as a windbreak.’
    • ‘I've been trying to get rid of the smoke smell too.’
    • ‘The annual event is held to get rid of rubbish on Orkney's beaches.’
    • ‘Can you advise on the best way of getting rid of the smell?’
    • ‘Physically, you must get rid of clutter (yes, have a wastebasket handy).’
    • ‘How to get rid of this pest without the use of chemicals?’
    • ‘Injected in small doses under the skin, it gets rid of wrinkles.’
    • ‘Get rid of clutter on countertops and closets or on window sills.’
    • ‘Having a shave and getting rid of unwanted body hair in the heat or sauna is also supposed to be relaxing for the nerves and skin.’
    dispose of, do away with, throw away, throw out, toss out, clear out, discard, scrap, remove, dispense with, lose, dump, bin, unload, jettison, dismiss, expel, eject, weed out, root out
    destroy, abolish, eliminate, banish, annihilate, obliterate, wipe out, kill
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