Definition of get one's wires (or lines) crossed in US English:

get one's wires (or lines) crossed


  • 1Become wrongly connected by telephone.

    • ‘Mobile phone punters in London have been having the weirdest conversations after the phone company admitted that it has been getting its wires crossed.’
    1. 1.1 Have a misunderstanding.
      • ‘Okay, so having fun with role reversal is one thing, but Geoff and I have seriously got our lines crossed these past couple days.’
      • ‘I would strongly advise her to go back and read her history books once again as she has got her wires crossed from a historical point of view.’
      • ‘Also, let me point out that you've got your wires crossed.’
      • ‘I think your reporter and myself got our wires crossed when I was talking to him about housing issues in general.’
      • ‘I think W K Quick may have got his wires crossed regarding certain drivers being exempt from paying vehicle excise duty.’
      • ‘Unfortunately nurse got her wires crossed again, she gave the lady 12 tablets at two.’
      • ‘And it is obvious that even the Reuter correspondent has got his wires crossed on the above subject.’
      • ‘This was an organised trip with written permission, and someone has got their wires crossed, and the whole thing has snowballed.’
      • ‘The perception that commanding officers got their wires crossed has been reinforced by reports and books on the conflict.’
      • ‘I think it's you who've got your wires crossed.’