Definition of get one's hooks into in US English:

get one's hooks into


  • Get hold of.

    ‘they were going to move out rather than let Mel get his hooks into them’
    • ‘And once he got his hooks into you, he made your life hell by hanging round outside your house until you threw things at him.’
    • ‘Horton, meanwhile, is in his own tizzy, terrified that gold-digging dames will get their hooks into Fred.’
    • ‘I feel no compulsion to call some long-term, live-in partner my husband, provided I can still get my hooks into his pension if he suddenly meets a mysterious end while I'm across town in a crowded bar, as several witnesses would attest.’
    • ‘It is something that you can get your hooks into.’
    • ‘It's hard not to see house number three and think ‘We must buy this now before a crusty investor gets their hooks into it!’’
    • ‘The only regret is not having got my hooks into this fascinating collection sooner, considering it was first published in 1995.’
    • ‘The implication is that a woman's sole goal in life is to ‘get her hooks into’ a man.’
    • ‘His unlikely plot machinations take some swallowing, but his characters truly get their hooks into you.’
    • ‘Wait till they get their hooks into your pension funds!’
    • ‘When she couldn't get her hooks into Alan, she went after your brother.’