Definition of get one's breath (back) in US English:

get one's breath (back)


  • Begin to breathe normally again after exercise or exertion.

    • ‘Even when she broke the surface and began fighting for air, she couldn't get her breath.’
    • ‘Finally we managed to find a corner without gas and I got my breath back.’
    • ‘Back in the mall we sat on a row of benches to get our breath back.’
    • ‘In the car going over there I tried to breathe and couldn't get my breath.’
    • ‘When we sat down to get our breath back, he told me he was a student.’
    • ‘I was huffing and puffing, trying to get my breath back.’
    • ‘Sitting down also gave me a good opportunity to get my breath back!’
    • ‘She was shocked and screaming and could not get her breath.’
    • ‘She was still breathing hard, but was beginning to get her breath back.’
    • ‘I skidded to a stop on Frankie's perch, leaning against the pristine white railing to get my breath back.’