Definition of get nicked in US English:

get nicked


Australian, NZ
  • often in imperative Go away (used as an expression of anger or impatience)

    ‘all these guys who want everything located in Sydney and Melbourne can get nicked’
    • ‘They told us to go and get nicked the other day.’
    • ‘He ought to tell this bloke to go and get nicked.’
    • ‘They can all get nicked. They can't sue me, they can't threaten me, they can't do anything.’
    • ‘Residents might use their democratic right to tell their local councillors, quite rightly, to stop wasting their money and go and get nicked.’
    • ‘Consumers can get nicked; the company, shareholders, and managers are all committed to achieving a 'flat playing field' and not to the consumer interest.’