Definition of get into shape (or get someone into shape) in US English:

get into shape (or get someone into shape)


  • Become (or make someone) physically fitter by exercise.

    ‘if you're thinking of getting into shape, take it easy and build up slowly’
    • ‘Yet Dean, 25, who is getting into shape for this August's World Athletics Championships in France, feels the closure of the track has surprisingly proved a positive thing.’
    • ‘The pumpkin has finally got into shape, after being abandoned on the shelf for years.’
    • ‘Coleman got into shape over the summer, got himself traded to Philadelphia and is an integral part of the surging Sixers.’
    • ‘And now what everyone is dying to know is how did she get into shape for the role?’
    • ‘But signing up meant their progress - as well as their age and weight - would be chronicled as they got into shape during 2003.’
    • ‘Tonight, we're revealing how the stars fatten up, slim down and do what it takes to get into shape for the silver screen.’
    • ‘Lopez got into shape, and snapped back to his previous form.’
    • ‘You see, over the past year I have been slowly getting into shape.’
    • ‘It'd just be too difficult getting into shape to look like the flyweight champion of the world.’
    • ‘The determined sisters from Rosses Point have spent weeks in the gym, getting into shape in their effort to wow the studio crowd and more importantly the millions of viewers that will tune in to the show.’