Definition of get hot in US English:

get hot


  • (of an athlete or team) suddenly become effective.

    ‘he got hot at the right time and found himself in the title match’
    • ‘The biggest complaint with the Division Series is that an inferior team can get hot, lucky or both and knock off a big shot.’
    • ‘Suddenly getting hot often depends on things out of your control, and if there is one thing that truly bad teams don't get is a lot of breaks.’
    • ‘Dreifort is a free agent after the season and, even if he gets hot, some team officials believe they should look elsewhere for help.’
    • ‘Also, Michael Redd is just good enough to carry a team if he gets hot.’
    • ‘RHP Javier Vazquez got hot just when the team needed him most.’
    • ‘But rewarding teams who luck into getting hot at season's end (instead of excelling consistently over the whole season) can also lead to ridiculous outcomes.’
    • ‘Beltran, however, is a switch hitter with power and speed, entirely capable of getting hot and carrying a team for a prolonged stretch.’
    • ‘We've had these before, longshots suddenly getting hot, but not usually this early.’
    • ‘Any team can get hot during the playoffs and win a championship.’
    • ‘Everybody likes to talk about a team getting hot and sweeping through the postseason and reaching the Super Bowl.’