Definition of get around in US English:

get around

(British get round)

phrasal verb

  • 1Coax or persuade (someone) to do or allow something that they initially do not want to.

    • ‘You're not getting round me that easily.’
    • ‘I know how to get around you and get my way now!’
    • ‘Her hope was that by convincing her mother to allow her to go, she would thus get around her father.’
    cajole, persuade, wheedle, coax, manoeuvre, prevail on, win someone over, bring someone round, sway, beguile, blarney, flatter, seduce, lure, entice, charm, tempt, inveigle, induce, influence, woo
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  • 2Deal successfully with (a problem).

    • ‘To get round that, City could offer to extend the current deal for another week.’
    • ‘The reason we went there initially was because I wanted to see how they got around the logistical problem of only having one and two dollar coins, and no paper bills.’
    • ‘He tried to get around the present problem by not dealing with it.’
    • ‘Since there are no fuel tanks, the systems allow designers to get around the need to put complex tank venting systems on their spacecraft.’
    • ‘It was delayed because of a points failure just outside Reading, which was a little unnerving given recent events, especially when, in order to get round the problem, the train executed an elaborate reversing manoeuvre.’
    • ‘To get around this problem some filter companies allow users to check their junk mail at the end of the month, in case a wanted email has been caught by accident.’
    • ‘This is a potential political disaster for the administration unless it gets around and deals with this issue effectively.’
    • ‘There has been some largely successful effort put into getting around the aforementioned level problem.’
    overcome, surmount, prevail over, triumph over, get the better of, master
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    1. 2.1 Evade (a regulation or restriction) without contravening it.
      ‘the company changed its name to get around the law’
      • ‘But won't these people who give those large sums find other ways to get around these new restrictions that you seek to impose?’
      • ‘This might help get around the count of names limit.’
      • ‘The university set it up to try and get around the restrictions on full fee paying students.’
      • ‘To get around these height restrictions, her fence was positioned well inside the boundaries of her lot.’
      • ‘Incumbents are getting around the law by not publicly declaring their candidacies until an election year.’
      • ‘As long as individual member states act alone, organized crime will find a way to get around each member's regulations.’
      • ‘They checked the backpack for me, so at least I got round the weight restrictions (thus far - two flights to go).’
      • ‘Over the past few years the public sector has walked away with benchmarking deals conceived as a means of getting round restrictive pay ceilings set by the talks.’
      • ‘How quickly should we expect clever lawyers to find ways to get around the new restrictions?’
      • ‘It got around the planning laws by adapting its strategy and introducing smaller stores.’
      overcome, surmount, prevail over, triumph over, get the better of, master
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