Definition of get a load of in US English:

get a load of


  • Used to draw attention to someone or something.

    ‘get a load of what we've just done’
    • ‘But get a load of this, he is a man with a plan, and he knows where to start.’
    • ‘‘I'm sorry, I just can't get over the size of those udders,’ I told him, ribbing Jon the entire time to get a load of those udders.’
    • ‘As an aside, get a load of India's second innings…’
    • ‘This year, you don't have to visit Yosemite National Park to get a load of its wonderful wildflower show.’
    • ‘The barkeep, cleaning a shot glass with a dirty rag, turns and shakes his head, ‘Would you get a load of that?’’
    • ‘Just get a load of his 1940s zoot suit and those size 20 yellow sneakers.’
    • ‘Can't wait till all those anti-children's issues candidates get a load of this resolute manifesto.’
    • ‘And speaking of mental pictures - just get a load of that gorgeous cover art!’
    • ‘If you think the name's weird, wait till you get a load of the ingredients: vodka, Laphroaig single-malt Scotch and Pernod.’
    • ‘Wait till they get a load of their long-awaited Vatican III and blow a gasket.’