Definition of get a line on in US English:

get a line on


  • Learn something about.

    • ‘Though the network often used freelancers, I'd never worked with Bill before so I was trying to get a line on what he was seeing through his lens.’
    • ‘If you've got a line on something going on in the private sector, let me know.’
    • ‘Lots of information here; a good place to start if you just need to get a line on what's available.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, I hope Interpol gets a line on this operation and raids them for counterfeit goods.’
    • ‘We could waste hours and days trying to get a line on Jarrow.’
    • ‘Sipowicz is searching for Lou DaSilva and he gets a line on where he can be found, so he and Clark go after him.’
    • ‘She's got a line on a two-bedroom apartment in nearby Le Sueur that might be affordable.’
    • ‘On Thursdays, I review newspaper classifieds to get a line on the yard and estate sales I'll visit the coming weekend.’
    • ‘And remember Sheldon if you get a line on where Regan is you call me, is that clear?’
    • ‘The subsidiary responsible for operating the Web sites of 30 baseball teams must get a line on where its fans live before selling them video streams.’