Definition of get (or receive) one's just deserts in US English:

get (or receive) one's just deserts


  • Receive the appropriate reward or (more usually) punishment for one's actions.

    ‘those who caused great torment to others rarely got their just deserts’
    • ‘We took it in our stride, we prepared and we got our just deserts.’
    • ‘I can only hope that the angler got his just deserts from a visit by the Environment Agency bailiffs.’
    • ‘‘If a guy is going out and giving 110 percent of his body to try and succeed, then I want to make sure he gets his just deserts on television,’ says Phil.’
    • ‘Just watch this get published and then those guys will get their just deserts.’
    • ‘I know it is low and I'm not proud of it but I did it and I got my just deserts.’
    • ‘It happens seldom enough that miscreants get their just deserts.’
    • ‘Short-term, we all feel good that this guy's going to get his just deserts.’
    • ‘When the thief Clark is tied up by businessman Russell, there is pleasure, even joy, at seeing the criminal get his just deserts; then the situation is reversed and Clark gains the ascendancy.’
    • ‘You get your just deserts in this world, most often when you least expect them.’
    • ‘Even defendants who are returned to court rarely receive their just deserts.’
    • ‘When Debra and Robert learn of the deception, Raymond receives his just deserts in a marvelous confrontation scene at the dance club.’
    • ‘I got my just deserts anyway having to drink the wretched and vile charcoal drink.’
    • ‘All of this might be put down to us being both blatant and stupid travellers, ignorantly and arrogantly swanning our way around and duly receiving our just deserts.’
    • ‘Anyway, there are plenty of films where the bad guy/s get their just deserts.’
    • ‘Both authors would have agreed on one point, however: that the murderer received his just deserts thanks to the workings of divine providence.’