Definition of get (or have) the jump on someone in US English:

get (or have) the jump on someone


North American
  • Get (or have) an advantage over someone as a result of one's prompt action.

    • ‘We should get the jump on them before they get the jump on us,’ Steve told them before switching his attention back to Jones.’
    • ‘So the sooner you figure out the real story, the sooner you'll have the jump on them.’
    • ‘He got the jump on us turning for home and we couldn't quite run him down.’
    • ‘Byron got the jump on Lismore with a couple of early goals, but Lismore had gained the lead prior to the first break.’
    • ‘I tell you, I certainly did not expect a young college-aged girl, and her teenaged companion to get the jump on me.’
    • ‘Use this discovery to your advantage before your competitors get the jump on you!’
    • ‘Every day that you struggle with optimizing your website is another day without sufficient income and another day that your competitors have a chance to get the jump on you.’
    • ‘Trulli made a fantastic start from fourth place to take the lead ahead of pole man Michael Schumacher, while Sato from third got the jump on Montoya to go third.’
    • ‘You've got me confused with my brother Sandro - he's got the jump on me age-wise, by ten years.’
    • ‘Alex guessed he didn't like anyone getting the jump on him.’