Definition of get (or give someone) the hook in US English:

get (or give someone) the hook


North American
  • Be dismissed (or dismiss someone) from a job.

    • ‘The crowd loved it, but the soundman gave us the hook after only 15 minutes.’
    • ‘She was the cause of all my boyfriends giving me the hook because after they saw her, they could never be fully in love with me.’
    • ‘He continued his late-season struggles into the playoffs, getting the hook in Game 2 after surrendering three goals in the first 15 minutes.’
    • ‘It was the day after I got the hook and I wasn't used to it.’
    • ‘The PM, all the while insisting the minister hadn't done anything wrong, gave him the hook.’
    • ‘He is aware that scientist and physician founders often get the hook if their management skills don't equal their research feats.’
    • ‘A rotund young woman made her entry one amateur night in Connecticut - and got the hook even before she stepped onstage.’
    • ‘But at issue before he got the hook was his performance, not his work ethic, professionalism or effort.’