Definition of get (or give someone) ideas in US English:

get (or give someone) ideas


  • Become (or make someone) ambitious, bigheaded, or tempted to do something against someone else's will, especially make a sexual advance.

    ‘Mac began to get ideas about turning pro’
    • ‘Media violence just adds to the problem and gives them ideas about how to express their anger.’
    • ‘It was a wedding hot spot: what if a fortnight around nauseating newlyweds gave her ideas?’
    • ‘I read that to Archer, along with the part about you not sharing for fear of giving him ideas.’
    • ‘‘Don't go giving her ideas,’ he warned in a whisper.’
    • ‘On second thoughts, let's not give Gordon ideas.’
    • ‘According to Silberstein, there are even those who worry that his recent success as an artist will give him ideas, as though he were the Phantom of the Opera, and had suddenly decided to climb onstage and sing Tosca at the Met.’
    • ‘I don't want to give them ideas, but I'm looking forward to the derby.’
    • ‘I do not appreciate the rest of you saying I do either, probably giving her ideas.’
    • ‘In fact, this line of argument should stop here, in case it gives them ideas.’
    • ‘‘Hey now, don't start giving her ideas,’ Matt said.’