Definition of get-tough in US English:



  • Designating an approach or attitude characterized by assertiveness, firmness, or aggressiveness.

    ‘the administration is implementing get-tough changes in the juvenile system’
    ‘a new get-tough policy on parking offences’
    • ‘Last year, as part of Nicaragua's new get-tough policy, the government enacted a sweeping set of prohibitions on the sale of endangered or threatened animals.’
    • ‘North Yorkshire Police is running a get-tough policy against speeding bikers after 28 died and 180 were injured in the county last year.’
    • ‘People like the get-tough hard line on smokers.’
    • ‘The president is asking for bipartisan support on these get-tough measures.’
    • ‘Under the get-tough approach, the police recommend that the court considers taking a kerb-crawler's licence off him as part of the sentence.’
    • ‘And police across Greater Manchester today signalled a new, get-tough approach towards mobile-using drivers as part of a national attack on what has become one of the biggest menaces on the roads.’
    • ‘The government has introduced a new get-tough approach for parents who fail to get their children to school.’
    • ‘The authority adopted a get-tough attitude on Thursday last when it supplied the media with a list of food businesses that are served with closure orders, prohibition orders, and improvement orders.’
    • ‘The report comes after many years of get-tough policies.’
    • ‘The Feds sent a high-visibility signal this week on a new get-tough approach to business fraud.’
    • ‘The Government's proposals combine a get-tough approach on dealers with better treatment for addicts.’
    • ‘Which brings us back to the first question: Why the get-tough approach?’
    • ‘The memo was widely reported to have set out a new get-tough policy.’
    • ‘In the book, he argues too many resources are spent on expensive get-tough policies which don't work, like zero tolerance policing, and building more jails.’
    • ‘This get-tough attitude seems to have worked with some of the owners - four of them have responded, restoring the façades of their buildings.’
    • ‘They were utterly uninterested in whether their get-tough measures reduced alcohol problems.’
    • ‘Headteachers are allowed to impose £50 fines to the worst offenders as part of the government's new get-tough approach.’
    • ‘Repeatedly, she stressed her get-tough stance on trade: ‘We have to have fair trade agreements.’’
    • ‘The get-tough policy appeared to be in tatters after the committee's decisions.’
    • ‘Another indication of a get-tough policy was that two drivers also had their driving licences endorsed, which is unusual for this type of offence.’