Definition of get-at-able in US English:


(also getatable)


  • Accessible.

    • ‘Roosevelt was playing hard to get, testing his own theory that Stalin was ‘get-at-able.’’
    • ‘If the captain is not immediately get-at-able, if not in his room or on the bridge, it is then delivered to the senior officer.’
    • ‘The first stop surface defines a swung-out position in which the box contents are easily get-at-able through the box top, and a swung-in storage position.’
    • ‘As far as I can see, both sides of all the boards are get-at-able, without having to unscrew them.’
    • ‘The hotel is get-at-able both by car and other means of traffic.’
    • ‘Their scrum was weak and get-at-able and their lineout was a sham.’
    achievable, obtainable, accessible, within reach, at hand, reachable, winnable, securable, realizable
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