Definition of germination in US English:



  • 1The development of a plant from a seed or spore after a period of dormancy.

    ‘successful germination of crops’
    ‘light can influence seed germination’
    • ‘Spring applications of pre-emergence herbicides should be made prior to weed seed germination.’
    • ‘Seedlings surviving fungal infections at germination are often less vigorous.’
    • ‘A soil temperature of 86 degrees is optimum for soybean germination.’
    • ‘Plant only well-cleaned, high-quality, disease-free seed with a germination of 80 percent or greater.’
    • ‘Cool, wet, seedbeds resulting in delayed germination may warrant including an insecticide seed treatment.’
    • ‘Physical or mechanical damage to the seed also will affect germination.’
    • ‘Buy seed with a high germination rate or separate out the small asparagus seed.’
    • ‘Wireworm feeding may reduce seed germination or produce weak seedlings.’
    • ‘Planting rates can be increased to compensate for seed of low germination.’
    • ‘Hot, dry conditions also reduce the favorable climate for pollen germination.’
    1. 1.1 The process of something coming into existence and developing.
      ‘the rules would stifle the germination of new ideas’
      • ‘You can see zazen prior to the germination of your intellectual sense.’
      • ‘Can you describe your animation techniques, from the germination of an idea to the finished product?’
      • ‘Together these circumstances created fertile ground for the germination of modernism.’
      • ‘The germination of this collaboration took shape quite casually over drinks.’
      • ‘Our commercial was very carefully crafted and was the germination of showing people how this is a revolutionary and positive experience.’
      • ‘That is the moment you are you as you really are, prior to the germination of thinking.’
      • ‘The fact that the country has a high degree of cultural homogeneity has prevented the germination of open hostilities between the different ethnic groups.’
      • ‘She asked the artist about the germination of this complex sound installation.’
      • ‘She has barely laid one project to rest before she pins down, in her diary, the germination of a new idea.’
      • ‘The classroom is the last available site for the debate and germination of genuinely dangerous ideas.’