Definition of germinable in US English:



  • See germinate

    • ‘An estimated 87% of dry-stored seeds were germinable for six months following dispersal, but viability of dry-stored and of buried seeds was negligible after one year.’
    • ‘At Dixon Springs, the germinable seed bank was estimated from soil samples collected in Fall 1999 before flowering, and in the subsequent spring.’
    • ‘Soil collected prior to flowering did not contain germinable seed suggesting an annual dormancy/nondormancy cycle in which seed failing to germinate in the Spring become dormant again.’
    • ‘Alternatively, a transient seed bank may occur where there is no carry over of germinable seed from one season to the next.’
    • ‘A large percentage of the germinable seeds of this species would likely germinate rapidly after the first hours that temperatures exceeded 17°C in the field.’