Definition of Germanist in US English:



  • An expert in or student of the language, literature, and civilization of Germany, or of Germanic languages.

    • ‘There are also Germanists and theologians on the Bach Collegium team.’
    • ‘Two Germanists bring the somewhat obvious emotional intensity of this cry within lyric to theoretical articulation.’
    • ‘This text is a welcome and innovative appraisal of marital status as a new social category of analysis, and will spark fresh debate among gender historians, Germanists, and generalists alike.’
    • ‘This did not go down well with the American Germanist who in 1938 wrote one of the first reviews of Auf zwei Planeten for an English-speaking audience.’
    • ‘His analysis prompted many Germanists to rethink their conceptualization of violence and modernity as it related to the Eastern Front.’