Definition of German silver in US English:

German silver


  • A white alloy of nickel, zinc, and copper.

    • ‘Enticing showpieces from Muradabad and sleek artefacts made of German silver are the highlights of the expo.’
    • ‘Rules were also produced in boxwood and German silver, but occasionally for the wellheeled customer or for making special presentation rules, ivory was substituted for boxwood.’
    • ‘Based on a re-examination of the Fletcher site materials in the early 1990s, however, Mainfort now thinks the rings are not actually silver but a ‘gray metal’ alloy, perhaps German silver.’
    • ‘Nielsen Bainbridge offers a wide variety of silvers, from a raw aluminum look to a steel gray to brushed tones in its German silver.’
    • ‘This trim boxwood slide rule bound tipped in German silver was designed for use by technicians in textile trades.’


German silver

/ˈˌjərmən ˈsilvər/