Definition of German cockroach in US English:

German cockroach


  • A small, brown, common indoor cockroach found worldwide.

    Blatella germanica, order Dictyoptera

    • ‘Researchers earlier identified the courtship chemicals used by other cockroach species, but the romance scent of the German cockroach remained elusive.’
    • ‘A type of small cockroach named the German cockroach didn't exist in Shanghai until the 1980s.’
    • ‘The German cockroach - Blattella germanica - one of the world's most intrusive species, likes to live indoors with us.’
    • ‘The two smaller cockroaches ranging in size from ½ to 5/8 inch are the German cockroach and the brownbanded cockroach.’
    • ‘They isolated a pheromone that female German cockroaches use to attract males.’