Definition of germ plasm in US English:

germ plasm


  • 1Germ cells collectively.

    • ‘One of the requirements for germ-cell formation is assembly of the specialized cytoplasm, the germ plasm, at the posterior of the egg.’
    • ‘Let it be sufficient to note that even these developments, such as vegetable biotechnology and germ plasm, are not easily transferred across regional production systems.’
    • ‘There is no evidence for germ plasm being involved in germ-cell formation in the mouse or other mammals.’
    1. 1.1 The genetic material of germ cells.
      • ‘Most of the earlier reported QTL were found in crosses within North American germ plasm, while we used only European material.’
      • ‘One order provided for the recovery by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries of related costs from the exporters of live animals and germ plasm.’
      • ‘Deren said the gene mutation method was expected to yield a germ plasm, somewhat of a working model, in about two years, that would form the foundation of any commercial production.’
      • ‘At gastrulation, the germ plasm is located in cells in the floor of the blastocoel cavity, among the cells that give rise to the endoderm.’
      • ‘Literally adding spice to the occasion was a pest and disease-resistant cinnamon variety selected from the germ plasm of open pollinated seedlings maintained at the Horticultural Research Centre at Pechiparai.’