Definition of gerbera in US English:



  • A plant of the daisy family, native to Asia and Africa, with large brightly colored flowers.

    Genus Gerbera, family Compositae: many species, in particular the widely cultivated Transvaal daisy

    • ‘I really really liked that bouquet of gerberas you bought me, as well as that really cute teddy bear.’
    • ‘Drape doorways with strings of dark-red crystals, ruby gerberas and deep pink bougainvillea.’
    • ‘The gerbera is a most sensitive plant to propagate from seed and if you sow a hundred seeds you would be lucky to get a few plants out of them.’
    • ‘In the galleries, export market cut flowers such as anthuriums, orchids, carnations, heliconiums and gerberas attracted a large number of people.’
    • ‘Large flowers such as gerberas are less time-consuming to work with than small ones like button mums, as you'll need fewer stems to cover the foam base.’


Modern Latin, named after Traugott Gerber (died 1743), German naturalist.