Definition of geotropic in US English:



  • See geotropism

    • ‘These stem adaptations, combined with the presence of adventitious roots and negatively geotropic roots in nitrogen-fixing alders, facilitate the supply of oxygen in waterlogged soils.’
    • ‘Seed viability was assessed using the criterion of normal seedling development, i.e. emergence of the hypocotyl, radicle geotropic growth, and the opening of cotyledonary leaves.’
    • ‘If the soil in the immediate environment is disturbed, as by excessive erosion, positive geotropic growth is stimulated within these lignotubers.’
    • ‘Also, fresh cut tulips are geotropic and phototropic, meaning that their growth is affected by gravity and light, respectively.’
    • ‘Cholodny proposed that ‘growth hormones play an essential role in the mechanism of the geotropic reaction’.’