Definition of geotag in US English:



  • An electronic tag that assigns a geographical location to a photograph or video, a posting on a social media website, etc.

    ‘you can go back and add geotags to existing shots’
    • ‘They have moved from being casual photographers to passionate enthusiasts, shooting in RAW for more extensive editing, adding geotags for a richer experience or using an online gallery to share their work.’
    • ‘It can scale images prior to uploading to a Flickr account, and can also add geotags, graphical photo notes, tags, and privacy settings.’
    • ‘Often geotags will open up a location automatically in Google Earth or Yahoo Maps.’
    • ‘iPhoto already has a database of what you're typing in, such as Yosemite, and can assign a geotag to all photos in an event once you've chosen one.’
    • ‘All you do is add a couple of "geotags" (i.e latitude and longitude) to each photo so that viewers can identify the precise location of each shot.’
    • ‘It looks at geotags in real time then plots them on a map so you can see who's up too late.’
    • ‘The plug-in exports all iPhoto descriptions, titles, and keywords and can upload previously geotagged photos, in addition to those with manually added geotags.’
    • ‘Following these very simple instructions you can add geotags to your own images which then will plot your photos on a Google map, allowing you to see who's taken pictures at nearby locations.’
    • ‘It has fewer than 100,000 photos so far but does have interesting features including an easy way to fix an exact location (geotag) to your pictures, an option to view others nearby, plus the ability to see pictures through light boxes.’
    • ‘For Flickr, the geotags from iPhoto also propagate, so Flickr users can see where you've taken your pics.’
    • ‘That location data, or geotag, gets added automatically by some cameras and camera cards, and you can add it yourself if geotag information isn't included.’
    • ‘And hurrah, Flickr have automatically updated my geotags so that you can now follow my Go West walk in the new format.’
    • ‘When we add a geotag to a file or piece of information, we link that file with the place with precision accuracy.’
    • ‘You can add a geotag to a place of interest, allowing other users to be alerted to something you've highlighted, as they pass through that area.’
    • ‘They have tags on all the content including geo-tags and activities.’


[with object]often as noun geotagging
  • Assign a geotag or geotags to (a digital photograph or video, a posting on a social media website, etc.)

    ‘the device also has a 3 megapixel camera which can be used for geotagging’
    ‘researchers looked at a total of 380,000 messages, each geotagged so that the location of the tweeter could be pinpointed’
    • ‘It also lets users upload away from home at more than 10,000 Wayport and open hotspots, and will automatically geotag photos with information about where the images were taken.’
    • ‘To do this I had to "geotag" each one with its exact latitude and longitude, which was remarkably time-consuming.’
    • ‘The mashup involved "geotagging" photos from Flickr by adding latitude and longitude data, and locating them on Google Maps.’
    • ‘Version 2 also added a new street-level map view for more precise geotagging, added the ability to match pictures to GPS way points, saves coordinates and tags in Camera RAW files, imports photos from Aperture and Photoshop Lightroom, and more.’
    • ‘Google Buzz will be available as a mobile Web app, letting you dictate status updates by voice and geotag your posts.’
    • ‘Photos can be geotagged and linked to geographic locations.’
    • ‘If you "geotag" newspaper articles (so that you say that an item relates to a particular place) then someone visiting a site could learn about events relevant to the area via their smartphone.’
    • ‘He geotags photos using Flickr and Google Maps.’
    • ‘Most digital cameras offer a unique feature called "geotagging" which marks every picture with an invisible time and date stamp.’
    • ‘By far, though, the coolest thing I've found seen on the site is when people geotagged their photos.’
    • ‘Previously you used to be able to zoom in on a point on the map and see pink dots representing a selection of photos geotagged around that location.’
    • ‘If the photo is geotagged, you'll not only see the coordinates, but a nifty map of where the picture was taken, and a link to a more detailed map online.’
    • ‘It needs to be pointed out that only a relatively small number of Wikipedia articles are geotagged.’
    • ‘Once you know the location, you then geotag the images.’
    • ‘Geotagging is now possible via Bluetooth, using compatible GPS devices to append coordinate data to the images.’
    • ‘You can upload photos, drawings, or combinations of media, which can all be geotagged for your convenience.’
    • ‘The memory card also geotags every picture, but includes the city and state where it was taken.’
    • ‘If you geotag any of your photos, let me know!’
    • ‘It has introduced lots of innovations, ranging from daily breakdowns of how many people have been viewing your photos, to geotagging them so that they can be pinpointed on a map anywhere in the world.’
    • ‘It's the only GPS app that can cache significant chunks of open-source maps, and it also can upload geocaching tracks, geotag photos, and do just about everything else one would hope from an outdoor-centric GPS.’
    • ‘I bought it for a road trip that commences in a week and a half - the combination of geotagging and awesome panoramic mode sealed the deal.’