Definition of geosynchronous in US English:



  • (of an earth satellite or its orbit) having a period of rotation synchronous with that of the earth's rotation.

    • ‘For early-warning purposes, scientists look to observations from geosynchronous weather satellites, each of which constantly monitors an entire hemisphere and beams data to Earth every 30 minutes or so.’
    • ‘Up to a dozen geosynchronous satellites go out of service every year, and there are now several hundred derelicts in the disposal orbit.’
    • ‘The tail of the geosynchronous satellite launch vehicle was engulfed seconds before the planned liftoff, disappointing hundreds, including space scientists.’
    • ‘There, the rockets will link up, creating an 80-ton spacecraft that will ascend to 22,000 miles and lock into geosynchronous orbit.’
    • ‘The key to this concept was the placement of space stations in geosynchronous Earth orbit, a location 35,786 kilometers above Earth.’