Definition of georgic in English:



  • 1A poem or book dealing with agriculture or rural topics.

    • ‘For Dwight, as we will see, the inability to escape such a recognition becomes a central problem for his georgic to resolve.’
    • ‘Newbery published his first collection of verse, Poems on Several Occasions, which included a blank-verse georgic in two books, ‘The Hop-Garden’, and lighter verse.’
    • ‘Bohls's comments on the eighteenth-century georgic are important and provide links to earlier essays in the volume.’
    • ‘This, in its essentials, is the empire Dwight's georgic reproduces as a model to his American readers, and the one he wants their labors to rebuild.’
    • ‘English imperial georgics describe imperial expansion in such a way that virtuous, civilizing labor is rendered infinitely progressive.’
    pastoral, eclogue, rural poem
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    1. 1.1 The title of a didactic poem on farming by the Roman poet Virgil.


  • Rustic; pastoral.

    • ‘A full-length study of georgic poetry in colonial and early United States literature remains to be written.’
    • ‘Exemplifying the vigilance of these figures, the georgic poet of Greenfield Hill is relentless, even obsessive, in exposing forces of dissolution and admonishing his readers to resist and counteract them.’
    • ‘Heeding this georgic lesson, the republican villager contributes to the well-being of his community.’
    • ‘Through his continued application of georgic strategies, he is returned to a truly Virgilian sense of the extreme volatility of the labor of imperial regeneration.’
    • ‘Through a truly imperial application of synecdoche, this georgic trajectory of empire occludes the dark sides of commerce and conquest.’
    rural, country, countryside, countrified, outdoor, rustic, agricultural, agrarian, provincial, grassy, green, verdant
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Early 16th century: via Latin from Greek geōrgikos, from geōrgos ‘farmer’.