Definition of geomagnetic equator in US English:

geomagnetic equator


  • A notional circle on the earth's surface, the plane of which is equidistant between the north and south magnetic poles and perpendicular to the magnetic field.

    • ‘The electron concentration is thus depleted on the geomagnetic equator and enhanced in two regions, which locate approximately north and south 15° of the geomagnetic equator.’
    • ‘Between 20º north and 20º south of the geomagnetic equator the ionosphere bends forming a protuberance.’
    • ‘This is important as the physical and geomagnetic equators are not aligned in most parts of the world.’
    • ‘These models use the International Geomagnetic Reference Field, which accurately describes the relative positions of the geographic and geomagnetic equators and the declination of the magnetic field lines.’
    • ‘This occurs only for a signal path peropendicular to the geomagnetic equator, what is also true for VHF scattering from auroras.’