Definition of geological survey in US English:

geological survey


  • A detailed and systematic study of the topography, geology, and mineral resources of an area or country.

    • ‘We are currently planning a proper geological survey of as many magnetic mountains as possible.’
    • ‘He was appointed to undertake a geological survey of Otago and was asked to purchase a set of typical mineral specimens before he left London.’
    • ‘A final part of this report provides an update of where federal and provincial geological surveys are heading over the next decade.’
    • ‘Repeated efforts in the latter half of the nineteenth century to mount a geological survey in the colony fell foul of the prevailing popular scepticism towards geologists and the utility of their work.’
    • ‘The position of the Missouri an-Virgilian boundary is less well defined in the Midcontinent region due to differing definitions by the various state geological surveys.’
    • ‘The early interests revolved around geological surveys and economic evaluations of peat resources in the country.’
    • ‘Canadian Jim McCannell said it had been one of the biggest disappointments of his working life that the disused mines had not re-opened after he conducted a geological survey at the site between 1956-1961.’
    • ‘Fred said: ‘They've already got a geological survey and there's no safety problem with it as far as I'm concerned.’’
    • ‘Scientific cruises around the Canary Islands, together with detailed geological surveys on land, have revealed a picture very similar to that painted for Hawaii.’
    • ‘I demand a special prosecutor to investigate why our president was not performing geological surveys of New Orleans in the days before hurricane struck.’
    • ‘The engineer was William Smith, later known as the Father of British Geology for giving us the first geological survey of the country.’
    • ‘As the twenty-first century began, geological surveys were operating in every state, as well as at the federal level, a permanent but constantly changing feature of America's scientific landscape.’
    • ‘The Ministry, however, continues a series of geological surveys at the proposed site for the dam.’
    • ‘No one probably knows what a full geological survey of Saudi Arabia will produce there.’
    • ‘The council's planning committee - who had delayed a decision for a geological survey to be carried out - will consider the application later this week, with planning officers recommending approval.’
    • ‘It is a different matter sending a few vehicles up there for a geological survey.’
    • ‘In 1968, a U.N. geological survey raised the possibility that the seabed in the area might contain oil resources.’
    • ‘Based on old geological surveys, reserves are estimated at some 100-130 billion barrels (about 11 per cent of the world total), second only to Saudi Arabia.’
    • ‘Pearson spent his first two years conducting geological surveys to locate top-quality wine real estate.’
    • ‘Fortey's book is a mosaic - part history, part travelogue and part geological survey - which moves us with him around the globe and into Earth's interior.’