Definition of geographical mile in US English:

geographical mile


  • A distance equal to one minute of longitude or latitude at the equator (about 1,850 meters).

    • ‘We were on our metal to be back in time for the very earliest rise and went 660 geographical miles in 55 travelling days - on an average 12 miles a day.’
    • ‘Because of this difference, a geographical mile along the equatorial circumference would be 6087 ft long but the same mile along the polar circumference would be only 6066 ft in length.’
    • ‘When George I. succeeded his father, in the year 1698, his whole dominions probably did not contain more than 2120 square geographical miles, and 354,000 inhabitants.’
    • ‘Since a geographical mile is a measure of the earth's circumference at the Equator, a knowledge of it implies a knowledge of the measurement of the polar radius.’
    • ‘We had determined to mark it not only at right angles to our course - that is, from east to west - but by snow beacons at every two geographical miles to the south.’


geographical mile

/ˌjēəˈɡrafəkəl mīl/