Definition of geoeconomics in US English:


plural noun

  • 1The study of the economic trends and conditions of the world's countries and how they are related; economics considered on the broadest global scale.

    • ‘It is a book to be read by anyone who is interested in the emerging field of geoeconomics for money makes the world go around, but most people know little about it.’
    • ‘A period of fixation with a new era of ‘geoeconomics’ illustrated the contrary viewpoint that the new economic balance of power was more closely knit than ever before.’
    • ‘The emergence of geoeconomics as the main determinant of interstate relations requires the availability of adequate naval power to secure sea lines of communication against interference or interdiction by hostile navies.’
    • ‘First, by the 1980s, Pax Americana's geopolitics had been replaced by a world of geoeconomics.’
  • 2The economic policies or conditions of a country as seen in a global perspective.