Definition of geodesic dome in US English:

geodesic dome


  • A dome constructed of short struts following geodesic lines and forming an open framework of triangles or polygons. The principles of its construction were described by Buckminster Fuller.

    • ‘The idea of a line of smaller, intersecting geodesic domes was arrived at late in the day, but it solved all the problems at once and made the project possible.’
    • ‘The geodesic dome was based on complex mathematics and design principles, and at the same time a structure so uncomplicated that almost anyone could build one from materials at hand.’
    • ‘Buckminster Fuller invented the geodesic dome in the middle of the 20th century, and, although it never reached mainstream popularity, its influence is still felt today.’
    • ‘Built in the 1970s to replace an even older South Pole base, the Amundsen-Scott Station consists of a large geodesic dome and several smaller outbuildings.’
    • ‘Set in the room's center was a geodesic dome constructed of Cirrillian steel, about four meters high and round.’


geodesic dome

/ˈˌdʒioʊˈdɛsɪk doʊm/