Definition of genuflector in US English:



  • See genuflect

    • ‘I wonder at people who so casually regard and partake of the Eucharist, of those jaunty genuflectors who never make it even halfway to the floor but give a kind of bob.’
    • ‘These worshippers of raw power and genuflectors before weapons of mass destruction play a pernicious role in transforming political problems into ‘security’ issues.’
    • ‘On their debut release under the Stompy Jones headline these genuflectors of jumping Jazz swing through seventeen tunes, six of which are originals.’
    • ‘As Hewitt and other genuflectors who are ushered routinely into the great man's presence insist, he is an intelligent, focused, purposeful leader.’
    • ‘More than 1,000 pinners are expected to descend upon Mad River's densely forested slopes for this genuflectors gala.’